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Real world = no time.

Our programs ensure "bang for your buck" every time you step foot inside the gym.

Efficient Fitness

You can be fit without being healthy, but you can't be healthy without being fit. We aim for improving quality of life, not just looking good.

Sharpening The Mind

Having a community of others to share your success with is the way humans achieve more. We'll help you get there.

Connecting With Others

TeamBuildr Strength

"More. Not Less."

The philosophy behind our workouts is simple: We don't think about 'less.' 

We don't say:

Less weight

Less fat

Less calories

You demand a lot from yourself, so you should demand more from your body. 

More performance.

More energy.

More strength.

That's how we roll.

Meet Your Coach: Erica

Hey Fit Fam!

I'm your strength coach, Erica. But hold on, if you think that my workout programs alone will make you look good then let me stop you there.

As you heard Hewitt say, health and fitness is a lifestyle. Having a workout plan is half-solving the problem. Addressing your diet, working on your mental health, and staying accountable with a community will get you there.

I've devoted my life to helping college athletes and post-grads achieve happiness through health and wellness. Together, we do can do it. All we need is your commitment.

Erica Suter, Strength Coach

Based in Baltimore, I've worked with athletes and personal training clients for over 5 years, from middle school to D1 to professional athletes. I'm a former college All-American soccer player and semi-professional player in the U.S. and Brazil. 

I love lifting heavy things, teaching sport science and biomechanics, writing in witty pop culture references, and turning athletes and non-athletes into beasts. 

In addition to training, I'm a published fitness writer and have been featured in Women's Health,, Shape, What's Good by Vitamin Shoppe, and has been interviewed on the WOW Collective and Inside the Athletic Grind podcasts. I was also named a Top 25 Female Fitness Coach to Follow via strength and physical therapist, Dr. John Rusin.

My philosophy is based on gaining physical strength and power, mental confidence, and total body athleticism through movement in order to live an energized life. 

Your Life. 

Your Program.

We offer four programs - 2 for women, 2 for men.

Each program includes access to the Lifestrong Facebook group, coaching from Erica and nutrition guide.

Each program stops at 50 sign-ups.

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