Boosting Your Barbell Club FREE Webinar

Hosted by Matthew Bruce & Kyle Dosterschill

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This Webinar Covers...

Barbell Club basics

Periodization and programming for clients/athletes

The business side of running a barbell club

Tips for member retention and recruitment

Other Resources You Will Receive...

12-Week Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Program

Holistic approach to training using the Hatch System from Matt Bruce

Barbell Business from Kyle Dosterschill

Tools to start or improve your own Barbell Club from Kyle Dosterschill

Meet Your Hosts

Matthew Bruce

  • CEO & Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach of Brute Strength
  • Has won several Olympic Weightlifting National Championships
  • Has made 7 World Teams and is a many time Pan America team member
  • Has coached at his Barbell Club - Bruce Barbell since 2012
Matt B

Kyle Dosterschill

  • Owner & CEO of Hunger In The Wild
  • Founder of Uplift Dallas Academy Inc.
  • 10 years of Olympic Weightlifting experience
  • Started working as a Strength & Conditioning coach back in 2012
Kyle D