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Building a Strength Training Curriculum

3 units with 9 on-demand videos

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Demonstrate understanding and use a variety of strength training and conditioning exercises to develop cardiovascular endurance, strength, speed, and power while providing a safe atmosphere for students. Gain access to various resources to help build your curriculum.


Unit 1: Basic Weight Training Movements

Squat, press, hinge, clean, and jerk progressions and variations.


Unit 2: How the Body Works

Muscles of the body, basic exercise physiology, and workout design


Unit 3: Final Week(s)

Max Testing, Nutrition, Complete Weight Program, and Range of Motion Resources

About the Instructor

Amanda Berg

With over 15 years as a High School teacher, Physical Education Department Head, and strength coach, Berg has worked to instill a culture where the weight room is not just for varsity athletes, but for everyone. She has designed this course to be implemented into a high school PE program to teach the fundamentals of training for all levels and foster an understanding and confidence in building lifelong fitness for the youth population.

Amanda Berg