Remote Training For Coaches, Teachers & P.E.

In today’s "New Normal" remote training is inevitable. At TeamBuildr, we are dedicated to helping you make this transition as smoothly as we can. 
Choose the software that will help you save time and money while still being able to customize programming and track athlete’s progress. 
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Workout Entry - Ipad+Phone
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Athlete Video Upload

Athletes can record videos on their mobile device for coaches to evaluate while training remotely.

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Team Feed

Teammates and classmates can share progress and stay accountable using our mobile Team Feed.

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Customizable Programming

Program training for a class, team, position group or individual within minutes.

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Customer Service

We offer full customer service with any of our subscriptions including phone, email and screen share.

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Track Health & Wellness

Survey athletes on sleep, soreness, nutrition and even screen for COVID symptoms.

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Seamless Reporting

Our platform provides 14 reports that makes athlete and student data accessible.

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Plans Starting As Low As $50/Month

Whether you train 50 athletes or 500+ athletes, we have a plan that is priced for you.

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High School Bodyweight Strength Program

Designed to introduce someone to an exercise regimen consisting of low intensity bodyweight movements. This program will also have a rest interval component that builds for strength and metabolic output.


Middle School Bodyweight Strength Program

Introductory program for Grades 6-8 built around teaching and strengthening foundational movements that will be used as a progression for more advanced programs that will come later in training.


At-Home Speed & Power Program

This program gives the athlete the minimum effective dose of sprint, ballistics and plyometrics over the course of 5 weeks, allowing the athlete to continue to keep the nervous system active so as not to incur "power loss."

Excellent product, teambuildr continues to improve their software and make it better each month. Excellent service, if I ever need something or have a question, the staff is always available to talk and help me answer my questions. Stop wasting your time on excel!

Andrew S. 

TeamBuildr Customer

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