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General Athlete Development Program

Three 12-Week Phases

This program is specifically designed as a three tiered approach to exposing students to weight training in the high school setting. This program is broken into 3 distinct phases to allow each individual to have a proper holistic approach to beginning strength training. 

Phase 1: Give the student athlete a complete introduction to structured strength training over the course of 12 weeks/3-days per week (MWF). This phase is primarily focused on teaching basic movement patterns needed to progress to more advanced strength training protocols including:

  • Squatting
  • Pushing 
  • Pulling
  • Hinging
  • Olympic Lifting Progression

Phase 2: Implemented once the athlete completes phase 1 with enough movement competency to assure that they are ready for the next section of training. This is a 12 Week/4 Day (MTTHF) program that will more closely resemble a true strength training regimen for athletes. This program will continue to build the athletes technique on the major core movements, while also progressing them towards more diverse and complex movements. At the end of this phase will be the first time that you can have the athlete work to a technically proficient 1RM. This will allow for the athlete to train with actual percentages in the final phase of the program.  

Phase 3: The third phase of the general athlete program will be implemented once the athlete completes phase 2. This 12 Week/4 Day (MTTHF) Program will expose the athlete to a full athletic development program using a linear progression with training percentages. Since the athlete has been exposed to 24 Weeks of training they should now have the strength and movement capacity to gain necessary strength and power from this program. 


Three distinct and integrated training phases.

Program includes video instruction, coach notes and movement descriptions.

Includes Dynamic Warm-Up, Movement, Plyos and optional Conditioning.

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