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Remote Training

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Training remotely is not ideal but a reality for many strength programs at this time. Creating the best of this situation can be done with a mobile app solution that creates a more interactive experience and makes the workout program more accessible resulting in higher compliance.

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Free Mobile App

In addition to delivering every athlete their workout, the mobile athletic app provides communication through private messaging and community through our Team Feed. 
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Customizable Sports-Science Questionnaires

Coaches have the ability to administer custom-built health and wellness questionnaires that athletes can answer on their smartphone
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Video Coaching & Athlete Journals

Athletes can record themselves on their mobile device for coaches to evaluate in order to make remote training a better, higher-quality experience.
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Max Tracking, Progress Graphs, Workout History & Goal Feedback

Record and store max data in an easy-to-access way, report data that is visually effective, and create actionable insights that transfers to competition.
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Outstanding Support

No bots here. Just real people answering your questions. Our purpose is to serve in the best interest of strength and conditioning professionals. That means putting the customer first and supporting the organizations that empower them. 

Leaderboard Updates & Team Messaging

Every day is a chance to compete and get better with the Live Leaderboard. Rank your athletes in any lift, SAQ+C, or circuit and let the work do the talking by displaying results immediately.
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“All of our Brute athletes utilize the TeamBuildr mobile app to follow our industry-leading programming including multiple CrossFit Games athletes. The capability and user experience this app provides is one of the top reasons TeamBuildr is the technology provider of Brute Strength.”


Mike Cazayoux
Founder, Brute Strength

"The Video Feature has enhanced our program by allowing coaches and athletes to view our key lifts. Our athletes have benefited by being able to watch the lifts they record and keep them over the time they are in our program. Coaches can now refer to the videos for corrections and leave notes to help the athlete."


Nathan Bibb
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Trinity Christian Academy

“With a staff of half a dozen, we have years of combined experience in program design. Regardless, we were impressed with the contemporary and quality design of the TeamBuildr programming. It's been a great source of perspective for our staff and interns.”

Tom Newman
Director of Performance, Yale University

"In today's world you have to be able to work with people remotely. Our business made the strategic decision to employ an online platform to do just that. Sports Science is another 'value add' we can provide clients now."

Jared Saavedra
Owner, Athlete Ready

"I run reports weekly on Teambuildr. It’s incredibly easy to compare training blocks; we now obsess less on test day since we’re getting a more consistent feedback loop. Consistent reporting lets us focus more on the day-to-day rather than every 6 weeks."

Greg Adamson
Asst. Strength Coach, University of Tennessee

Remote Training Programs Available To Download

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