TeamBuildr x Smartabase

Streamlining Sports Performance

Seamlessly import your TeamBuildr weight room data to your Smartabase account using for a powerful and easy analysis of comprehensive workload monitoring.

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Smartabase x TeamBuildr

Lightning Fast

Our integration will migrate S&C data every 15 minutes from TeamBuildr to Smartabase.



No more switching between softwares to find workload data from the weight room.


Fully Customizable

Customize multiple dashboards in Smartabase using all TeamBuildr data.

Those with both a Smartabase site and a TeamBuildr account can sync the two platforms. This allows head coaches and strength coaches to pull S&C data directly from TeamBuildr into their Smartabase platform to be analysed and combined with various other data points into one interactive report, providing a more holistic view of athlete performance.

An advantage of integrating TeamBuildr information into Smartabase is the ability to calculate preferred 1RM scores, so we have included raw data and the 1RM scores using the Epley, O’Connor, and Bryzycki methods into the table in the report, which can be sorted directly in the report as preferred.


We are pleased with our integration with TeamBuildr and the value it delivers to high performance organizations by including S&C data to the holistic data management model.

Markus Deutsch

Smartabase CEO


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