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Summer of Speed: TeamBuildr's Guidelines to Speed & Conditioning

With summer quickly approaching, sport performance coaches across the country are turning their attention to designing and implementing effective speed and conditioning programs. For some coaches, this can be a stressful time for multiple reasons. Although we all (should) have the prerequisite knowledge and education to design and implement safe and effective speed or conditioning programs, there is no doubt this area of programming seems to cause the most debate in sports performance. The reasons can all be traced back to an overarching problem in sport performance: lack of resources.

Whether it’s due to coaches being spread too thin, lack of space, time, staffing, or just calendar or logistical conflicts, many performance coaches are not getting the same amount of exposure to speed and conditioning work when compared to weight room time.

We have to do our best as coaches to arm ourselves with the knowledge, resources, and context to best prepare our athletes. With this in mind, TeamBuildr has compiled some of our best articles on speed and conditioning to add to the toolbox, challenge your thinking, and set you up for success as summer approaches. Welcome to the Summer of Speed: TeamBuildr’s Guide to Speed and Conditioning.


Key Lifts & Drills

Learn key lifts and drills that will make your athletes faster!



Speed Development

Learn the methods & foundations of speed development.


Program Design

Learn tips on designing and implementing a sprint session.

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